We are professional in organizing tours in both and abroad for more than 14 years; we provide tours in both and abroad, seminar, walk rally, event, and party organizing.

Know Us Talon Tours

                     "Talon Tours" was established as an official tour company on April 11, 2007 by Mr. Chaiyaporn Triprab under the name "Akrachai Project Company Limited."

                      Talon Tours Established a company to provide travel services. And organizing tours both within the country and abroad Including related businesses including Organizing tours according to the program in both and abroad Arrange a tour according to the needs of the customer, arrange an annual leisure tour or organize a tour to reward employees, organizing seminars in and out of places, organizing educational excursions, visiting work, field trips, organizing parties in And off-site, providing coaches, VIP vans for rent, booking air tickets, etc.



                       “Throughout the past, Talon Tours have been trying to provide the best for our customers. And never stop to improve the quality of service in order to bring smiles, happiness, fun, impressions and good memories to the customers who come to use the service with Talon tours. "


From The Heart ... Mr. Talon

                       "The beginning of this journey It was born from a small group of people who love to travel. And with one of my dreams Who want to do what they love Many of them have dreams, aptitudes, and love in different professions. And today I choose to follow my dream. "



                       "Talon tours was not established Just to do business that aims for profit only We focus on getting you to travel with us. Our point of view does not look at you as just a customer. But we view him as an important travel companion We are ready to provide happiness, fun and friendliness along every route. As if you are a relative or our friends in order to fit with the slogan that "


“The most important thing in one journey is not destination if we go together.”


Mr. Chaiyaporn Triprab
Managing director
Akrachai Project Co., Ltd.